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31 December 2011 @ 09:47 pm
☆95 Bye Bye Mata ne~ 2011  
☆So instead of doing my yearly recap I ended up summarizing everything up in idefk way lol. ANYWAY I have no words on how to explain how 2011 was for me... OR for everyone else. I mean sure there were happy times like
  •  Taiyou, Erepyon coming back,
  • Met new friends ♥ 
  • YamaUmi getting pimp, trolling Yamariya fans LOL 
  • JUMP's OVER PV, Magic Power, YYJump etc
  • Horikoshi bb's on a roll
  • someonegoingtocollege and a lot more

but there were more times we all got worried and cried and all of those emotions yaddayadda like
  • Tohoku Earthquake,
  • Ryutaro's Scandal and Suspension and ;~;
  • Sakitty and Yuka's Graduation
  • Ai chan's graduation
  • Sayonara baibai B.I Shadow
  • New life at new school ;3; 
and a shit load more memories LOL 2011 became memorable because of all this events meh. Anyway I hope this year is better than 2011 and hopefully, I can achieve more stuffs this year ...or at least before the world ends . Nanchatte~


Sorry for being to childish at times and being a bitch (if ever I was). I just want you guys to know  that spending 2011 with everyone was of course the best memory I could cherish. I hope we could make more fun memories this year. 今年もよろしくね~  d2 lang me for each and one of you LOL ILY GUISE
Talia: yutochiiheysaypanda on January 3rd, 2012 08:38 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year to you too!! ^__^